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Query With Like And Equals

bryant Apr 20, 2016 flag
I cannot figure this out or find any info on this. Can you combine the LIKE and the = operator in a single mysql query? Like this... vendor = 1 AND Requestor LIKE "Bryant%"

LewisAnderson Apr 21, 2016 flag
I think you can..... are you throwing an error when you try?

bryant Apr 21, 2016 flag
No errors. Not getting anything at all actually. I know I have records that match the search. When I have them both as a "LIKE" query then I get results. It's when I change to the "=" that I stop getting results. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere else. I'll keep looking.

bryant May 11, 2016 flag
Have you guys given up? I hope you're still willing to help those of us that actually want to learn.

Adam May 14, 2016 flag
Unfortunately the vast majority of people using this Q+A don't follow the rules I established or understand that we cannot debug their social website software without logging into their server control panel. Which would be paid work, not free. I recommend using one of the other free forums online for asking general development/coding questions. They will have thousands of people answering as opposed to our 2 people. You will get a more diversified set of answers from a larger pool of people with experience on the topics that you ask about. Would love to continue it, but people are not aware or intelligent enough to understand the rules here. Plus being that people come here regarding the social website building series, makes them assume that they can get free complex support whenever they run into problems building a social networking software system. I have been deleting(not allowing) 90% of threads that people try to begin here for one reason or another. I don't see that statistic improving. People don't know how to articulate themselves or compose clear questions 90% of the time. Maybe in the future I will resume it, but a lot would have to change before that happens. You could outline rules until you are blue in the face, and most people will still not pay attention to them or just blatantly disregard them.

Adam May 14, 2016 flag
So to answer your question more directly... I have given up on trying to manage a free Q+A system here because I got tired of 90% of humans being lazy minded and unrealistic. A few years of that will make you hate humans, so now I hate humankind. x

bryant May 16, 2016 flag
I completely understand and agree with you. My favorite phrase for the longest time has been "Common sense isn't so Common" and has evolved into a person such as yourself having "Uncommon Sense". My girlfriend has actually talked bout making a shirt for me that says "I hate people" because I say it so often. And you are correct. People are stupid and lazy. I have tried a couple of the other sites, such as stack overflow. The people on there are either so incredibly rude, or assume everyone has a doctorate degree in coding. They don't realize there are people like me that are smart enough to figure out most things if pointed in the right direction and a little guidance. You and Mr. Shawn have been amazing at explaining things in a way that makes sense to the general public and doesn't sound like an arrogant ass. Sorry for the language... I do hope you guys will continue teaching, I've already noticed Shawn's YouTube videos are gone. Perhaps you could add some code to this site that tracks how many questions you delete from a single person and then just deactivate them after say 4 or 5 idiotic questions. Just a thought. Good luck and I hope to learn more from you guys soon.
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