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how to print mulitple boxes using js

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jangti Apr 19, 2016 flag
Hi, I am trying to build a basic application like using html, css, js For this I need to print multiple boxes say 100 and later I need to write the booking functionality using js. Here I need to understand is there any way to create multiple boxes with separate identity for each box? so when I book for a seat it should not be reused again. I need only the functionality for printing multiple boxes

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LewisAnderson Apr 19, 2016 flag
Watch this tutorial. Pay particular attention when Adam teaches you how to program the function newBoard(). In that part, he is using javascript to make a buch of divs....all with unique id's. He is referencing memory_array.length; to get the number of boxes to could change that to a 100 to get the number of boxes you need. That should help get you started.

Adam Apr 20, 2016 flag
An alternative is to use the document.createElement() method.
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